In which I am a busy slacker

I’ve decided on Fridays I’m ok with blogging shorthand.

I mean, there are a trillion things I want to write about:

  • The Sheen thing, specifically why I can find none of the behavior and the ensuing memes funny but still retain my Person Who Enjoys Dark Humor card. As a former fellow substance abuser, there is a lot of humor to be found in the addict/alcoholic experience but it all comes after the fact when you’re looking back, having found some recovery and sanity about it. What Sheen is doing I do not laugh at because it Is Not Funny, and to laugh is to play along.
  • Anna Holmes’ brilliant exploration of why nobody cares Sheen’s an abuser and why I really miss the Holmes-era Jezebel.
  • Twitter Theory – how to be a nice famous person, responsive as you can be, without being a douche when someone calls you out on doucheyness. My opinions may be undervalued because I am not currently a famous person (unless 427 followers equals famous now? Can someone look into this for me?)
  • Park Slope News! Probably nobody but me will plow all the way through this article about future 4th ave developments but I think it’s exciting to read about. After the fact. Safely insulated from the 3Qs who must have showed up for that walk
  • American Idol Delusions. If you’re really in the market for Idol recaps and commentary, you probably already know about Paul F. Tompkins and his weekly forays into hilarity so I’ll spare my anecdotes on what I would have sung on my first night out. Because really, my Perform For People Aspirations are as realistic as my Relief Pitcher for the Cyclones aspirations and we should all just look away kindly.
  • The Cranky Gluten-Free Life. Doctor’s appointment/diagnosis is pending and apparently everyone thinks I’m crazycakes if I assert that I already know I have a social life hampering affliction without a doctor’s stamp on it, but let me just say that when the truth comes out I will NOT be the cheery happy lovey Gluten-Free Girl. I will be pissed about it. But I might actually start cooking some foods and telling y’all how I did it. Or whatever. It’s all stupid anyway.

So, enjoy that, click what links you like… Aged P’s coming to town this weekend, we’re seeing the Stravinsky Nightingale opera at BAM involving puppets and a water tank and goodness knows what else. I’m working from home today, so Gracie says hi.

Gracie sitting beside the path in Prospect Park

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2 Responses to In which I am a busy slacker

  1. the mrs says:

    Hi, Gracie! Also, good news! I checked and you are, in fact, famous. Your celebrity entitles you to occasionally demand “Do you even know who I am?” when these Gluten-Free doctor’s appointments go down. Yay!

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