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“women’s version of mkp”

That’s what led some beleaguered soul to these hallowed blog halls. And I have an answer for you, beleaguered soul. It’s called Feminism and you can find it in my blog roll.

MKP, for those of you who don’t know, in addition to being my kickass initials, is also a not-that-kickass “men’s warrior training” group I don’t want to name outright because I don’t want to share the traffic. Their mission isn’t something I necessarily object to – empowering men to break away from Angry Man and New Age Sensitive Man stereotypes, or something, to embrace their more resolute, better selves.

I’m all for redefining masculinity and giving men more avenues to express themselves without needing to be generically Manly. Gender essentialism sucks in both directions – I’m not saying men and women are Exactly The Same, but stereotypes go beyond annoying and into problematic when little kid A is told they can’t wear X because it’s only for little kids like B. Essentialism doesn’t leave room for grey. In a gender-essential society I’m not allowed to have a short haircut, or I’m not a real woman if I do. A guy can’t want to be a stay-at-home-dad, or he’s not a real man if he does.

But, the real women’s version of MKP? Feminism? Involves much the same process of self-awareness, challenging your conceptions of what masculine and feminine mean, seeking opportunities to avoid “othering” people who are different than you, changing the way you speak about and react to things because you’re viewing them through a feminist lens. And it’s super fun because both men and women can do it. Together, even.

Basically start with the FAQ at Shakesville and let me know when you’ve had your breakthrough, beleaguered soul.

And just to get your Friday off on a linky foot, here’s what I was reading and sputtering over this week:

OutrageControversial billboard focuses on African-American abortions –

Resolution: Billboard coming down – NY Times City Room Blog

Boys clubs and Women, with helpful Mad Men visuals: In Which We Teach You How To Be A Woman In Any Boys’ Club – Home – This Recording with it’s perfect response to those of us who know how to fit into boys clubs and sometimes delude ourselves into thinking we really like it there better:

You will never actually be part of the boys’ club, because you are a woman. You are Ray Liotta in Goodfellas. You are not Italian, therefore you are never going to get made. And you don’t want to be a part of the boys’ club, because it is dedicated to preserving its own privilege at your expense. Why wouldn’t you want to know and endorse the work of other women who share your interests? How insecure are you?

Personal perspective on abortion from a dude Why men need to speak up about abortion – Abortion –

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