Publicity like this could MAKE me!!

You guys, I’m a Featured Blogger by Kris over at Pretty All True!! Be sure and check her and the other featured bloggers out. She’s hilarious, her daughters are a barely contained riot and her commenters ain’t too shabby neither 🙂

In fact, if you haven’t clicked on all the bloggers in my blogroll, you should. I’ll do a play-by-play of each of them soon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Gigantor read my psychic brain wave and came over so we’re watching Ghostbusters II.

ETA: I was also made extremely famous by Paste Magazine this week (so Kris doesn’t feel the pressure of my burgeoning career falls entirely on her shoulders):

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4 Responses to Publicity like this could MAKE me!!

  1. kris says:

    MKP –

    Ack! I love you and now there is all this pressure to MAKE you!


    That was an AWESOME post. Just awesome. I look forward to poking around over here to see what else you’ve got hidden in your archives. Yay for people who make me laugh!


  2. mkpheartsnyc says:

    hahaha – have you ever seen “The Jerk”? Steve Martin’s character looks himself up in the phonebook and declares “Publicity like this could MAKE me” 🙂

    These archives go allll the way back to 2006, so you might get a lot closer to the girl in the fat suit than you intended 😛

  3. Suzanne says:

    OMG! You’re famous! I didn’t even know you read Kris. Wait, that’s a lie, I totally DID know because I saw your comment on her post about peeing in the jug the other day and I was like WHOA WORLDS COLLIDE. Which is my favorite thing about the internet.


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