Ghostbusters with Gigantor

G: “Wait, what are those things again,” *watching the Ghostbusters and their lasso-lasers*

M: “…there’s no science here.”

. . .

G: “Why don’t they wear helmets?”

M: “They don’t need helmets. They’re fighting ghosts.”

G: “But they’re getting possessed all the time.”

M: “Helmets are going to keep you from getting possessed?”

G: “If they were the right helmets. You know, like tinfoil hats. Same concept.”

M: “There’s no science here.”

. . . .

*Ghostbusters are walking in the river of slime wearing helmets*

M: “There, see, helmets. Are you happy?”

G: “But no visors!”

M: *swat*

* * * *

*Rick Moranis and Annie Potts are watching Rita Hayworth on Sigourney Weaver’s TV*

G: “She was married to Hearst?”

M: “No, Orson Welles.”

G: “Orson Welles was in Citizen Kane?

M: “. . . it was his baby!”

G: “But he also directed it. . ”

M: “. . . yeah. . .”

G: “He was the Warren Beity of his generation!”

M: “Beity? Like God?”

G: “. . . how do you pronounce. . .”


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