Bronx Planned Parenthood Is Target of Video –

Bronx Planned Parenthood Is Target of Video –

AUGH. This is not my PPNYC, the one where I volunteer, but it’s the one where people I trained with volunteer. It’s just up the way, so to speak, and I have to say I’m proud of the staff and the organization for bypassing Lila Rose entirely and taking the high road.

On what planet is providing confidential healthcare services and counseling to children currently being victimized “encouraging sex trafficking”?! Was the correct response to look down their noses at the “pimp,” or have him arrested immediately? Refuse to give a 14-year-old hypothetical sex worker access to STD treatment?

Live Action blows.

The #HR3 legislation currently under debate in the house amounts to a hate crime against women. It allows doctors who are opposed to abortion to let pregnant women die rather than terminate the pregnancy. It is sick and it is malicious and it is terrifying.

I can understand if you are pro-life not wanting to pay for what you perceive as “nonessential” abortions (i.e. non-rape, non-incest instances), but Planned Parenthood keeps the funding they get for sex education and to subsidize gynecological care separate from funding they get to help underprivileged women afford abortions.

What could be worse than forcing a woman who can’t afford an abortion to carry and bear that child? As wonderful as having kids is, it is hard work, and sometimes it’s dangerous, and nobody should have to do it without having deliberately chosen to do so.

I really wish some representative would stand up and demand that the money being cut from federal funding for abortion in the cases of rape and incest be diverted to comprehensive sex education because that is the only way we are going to see the low rates of abortion that even pro-choicers would prefer to see.

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