Game of Thrones: To Read, or not to read, or to reread

Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Read ‘A Game of Thrones’ Before Watching the TV Show | Ology.

Nicely done article from Matt Marquez over at Ology on whether a newbie should read Game of Thrones before seeing the HBO premiere in April. If you haven’t read the books but are interested in the series, these are great points to consider. My vote would fall on the side of read it, so you can recognize everyone more quickly, plus the surprises are plenty surprising in the book. The stuff that’s wrong is going to be annoying, but when is that not the case.

Me, I had to decide whether to re-read…. and let’s be clear, the sexism and misogyny of Martin’s work is not under discussion because it’s a given. These are good stories. Women are treated abominably in them under the bullshit guise of “historical accuracy” (There are DRAGONS. Accuracy is RIGHT OUT. Except that last week while playing along at home with Jeopardy, they read a quote from Genesis about ____ on Earth that I promptly supplied with “Dragons” so…).

Anyway, do I approach the series with a fresh eye in hopes that women’s treatment is less egregious when interpreted by actresses in person or do I reread so I know exactly what to expect and brace for?

And will you guys be reading? Watching? Re-reading?

Do you, as Tamora Pierce advised, find something else to read that doesn’t make you want to punch someone in the face or do you hang in there to see one of the great fantasy series’ of the last 50 years be brought to life?

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