A word about #Egypt

Right as I finally started digging into the new biography of Cleopatra the Aged P got me for Christmas, the stories of unrest in Tunisia and Egypt started to break. I’ve been following it pretty closely for about a week now along with the rest of the world (ok, maybe not along with some of my coworkers who today turned to me and asked if I’d “heard about anything going down in Cairo or something”)

I’m no expert, have no opinions except I wish whatever’s happening could happen without violence, but here’s what I’m reading.


AlJazeera’s English twitter feed and their lists

Sultan Al Qassemi, a journalist for The National.

Please feel free to share other links in the comments.

[ETA: CNN’s Twitter list – for those of you not familiar with twitter, a list pulls together all the twitter accounts you want to follow into one page so you see everyone’s updates and @ replies]

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