Hail Gracie, puppy of grace

Last night G-unit and I were taking our constitutional – now with more wrangling thanks to 4 foot snow drifts! – trip to the dog park to wrestle with a dog who wants to herd her right back, traipse up to 6th ave because she walks to heel better without lots of traffic and stores, and eventually we rounded Union st to head back to our humble abode by way of the pet store.

Gracie knows this part of the walk and was super excited to cross the street, up over the curb, past the bus stop…. and smack into the plate glass door of the shoe store on the corner. Unshaken, she merely slid herself along the rest of the window like she just wanted to smooth down some rumpled fur. Classy dame, our Gracie.

I burst out laughing, everyone at the bus stop stared at me for finding my dog’s potential injury hilarious, and we made it to the pet store and home without further injury to Gracie’s dignity.

Oh! Except that Not-quite Park Slope is apparently quite the haven for Border Collie WTF Terriers! I ran into three dogs that matched Gracie’s size, color and general shape yesterday, after months of annoying pit bull assumptions. I was hoping one of them might be a littermate but seeing as Gracie is 5 months old and they were 1-4 years…probably not. Rough on the mom if so.

Gracie on a snowbank watching trucks go by on 4th ave

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