WordPress Post of the Day: What do you wish you had known when you started writing

What do you wish you had known when you started writing?

Hwell, to answer that I’d have to figure out when I started writing for realsies.

Was it the first time I had to turn in a poem? Because in 3rd grade when we were writing poems in the style of Roald Dahl and my teacher kept telling me “Write in poetry format!” I had no idea what she meant – my lines rhymed! What more do you want from me?!?!

Maybe it was in middle school when I made my first portfolio, which also featured poetry but what I enjoyed most was the introduction. I’d tell myself not to be afraid of writing poetry that would piss people off, and to be sure and keep a copy of my most satirical poem, the only line of which I remember was “For I am popular, with a network of friends.” BURN.

Or maybe in high school when the IB began taking over my soul with its five paragraph essays and critical thinking and journal responses upon journal responses….

I might have to say it began with my very first livejournal entry.*

Huzzah! Welcome to happy journal land! While nobody knows it, I actually do have another blog that I use, but that’s only for Betsy, Amanda and me..but this one..this is ALLLLL me…and I don’t intend to tell non wicked mad phat cool people about it.
Today, I am happy..reasonably. It’s kind of depressing that Mr. K was like, Miranda you may end up just sitting down and singing, because you will be too fat for this number, after I really really really busted my butt learning all that choreography. Wah. He likes seeing me w/out dignity apparently. *SIGH* Fat Lady..I think I’m getting into my role..I ate half a roll of thin mints today while doing my logs. Right now, I’m about .5 way thru my DBQ, logs are done. All I have to do is STOP being distracted, finish the DBQ, type out my essay outlines for tomorrow and look over math that I know I’m destined to fail anyway. You know how I can tell? Because Charlie gets a better grade than me usually..and he doesn’t pay attention, or study, or do homework. Grr.
So, boys. Ugh.  . . .
I almost wish I could be a sophomore again (read..ALMOST) because there are a whole bunch of scrumdidlyumptious guys in that year right now…but..whoops. NOT ATTRACTED. Right. . . .
Oh god…Sacramento is getting MURDERED right now..it must be because I’m not watching closely enough…back to DBQ! Later y’all!

Jesus. I mean…kid… just…Jesus.

In Mr. K’s defense, I was playing the fat lady in our school production of Sideshow and I looked like this

Bunch of HS students dressed as carnival characters, I'm in a giant fat suit with hot pink sheet draping and a HUGE blonde wig.
Come look at the freaks


What I would tell that Miranda is that maybe re-reading what you’ve written before hitting post is a good call. Also that “only telling super cool phat people” about your work is a great way for nobody to ever view your work. I wish I’d known how much individual style people will accept and appreciate as long as it’s your words and your writing. I feel like I spent a lot of time in college crafting my words to sound like the words of other people I figured my classmates might prefer to hear from. And then when I’d rebelliously cut loose and just “be me,” people were perfectly receptive and responsive so I’d spent a lot of time shoehorning for nothing.

*edited to protect the innocent, i.e. 17-year-old-me and the eleventeen guys I had a crush on when I wrote this.

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12 Responses to WordPress Post of the Day: What do you wish you had known when you started writing

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  2. kris says:

    Oh my god! Several months ago, I went to see a production of “Mortified” here in Portland. The entire premise of the show is that people get up on stage and read their high school writings, while accompanying photos play on a huge projector screen. Shared joy at the foolishness and awkward humiliations that is high school.


    I could so hear your voice reading this earlier work of yours out loud. I could so envision the audience response to that photo. You MUST check this show out . . . they take submissions on an ongoing basis. Seriously. Click the link.


    You would be awesome.

    • mkpheartsnyc says:

      bahahahahaha. I’ve totes heard of Mortified. I could share pages and PAGES of this stuff that is all safely friendlocked. Or read the handwritten versions that predate this that are even worse. I wrote this essay in college about a tenor I was head over heels for that my professor said she couldn’t not-hear me reading 🙂

      I dare you to read one of your epic exchanges aloud. I will if you will!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Happy to meet you! Came over from Kris, and she is spot on about you…I like it here.

  4. PhraseTurner says:

    Going back and reading my old livejournal entries is simultaneously one of my favorite and least favorite things to do. It’s amazing how much things can change…

    And I have also found that “re-reading what you’ve written before you hit post” is advice I time and time again wish someone had told that version of me.

    Enjoyed this post, glad you made Kris come 😉

    • mkpheartsnyc says:

      Haha – right? I’m grateful things have changed, though I’m always looking for ways to channel that hyper slightly deranged version of myself. What would 16-year-old MKP think of 25-year-old MKP’s ways? And thanks!!

  5. Yuliya says:

    Also here from the fabulous Kris, a little sad that my time in the sun (last week) is over but happy it’s passed on to the likes of you. This has inspired me to post some of my writing from the earlier days too, it’s super dope.

    Check out http://damnyouautocorrect.com/ judging by your blogroll you will pee your pants…

  6. AmyLynn says:

    You are brave. I am terrified of een reading my old stuff. Even if I am alone in my room. AHHH the humiliation. I do believe if there had been facebook when I was high school age? I would have been a train wreck.

    Clicking over from Kris!

    that is all

    • mkpheartsnyc says:

      Thanks for saying hi!! Yeah, I started that LJ when I was 16 and it still managed to start one or two HS drama outbreaks. Any earlier and I’d have been toast, probably. I have paper versions however, which are fun because when I revisited them every few months all I did was cross out the boy’s name and the sentiment still applied.

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