A Brooklyn Weekend: Slacker Style

Since I am not yet insufferable with children, intolerable at the Co-op, insupportable in Williamsburg nor prone to farmer’s marketing, my Brooklyn weekends tend to look like this…

  • Wake up reasonably early to meet up with sober folks for fun sobertimez and brunch.
  • Post brunch, we’ll all walk together along 5th ave until we gradually peel off… I like to get a manicure at Pink, where nobody makes small talk and I can scoff at the CNN anchors on the corner flat screen and nobody minds.
  • Today was slightly obnoxious because a phalanx of bridesmaids were all talking about The Wedding and Who’s Getting Ready In Whose Room and “What Do You do for a living? Oh that’s great” delivered in a “I’d rather be working for sanitation during a sandstorm” tones.
  • Gracie Timez! She goes to obedience class with K-Cup on Saturday mornings. This week she learned to lay down on commands and I learned to start using “watch me” as a prompt before unsuccessfully trying to call her off the couch for anything less than a game of catch. She can catch a tennis ball on the first bounce and any light toy out of the air and is basically a genius.
  • Evening entertainment. This week K-Cup and I saw The Fighter (more on that later), ordered pizza from our favorite BK place, Pizza Rustica, the one with the good mushrooms and the peace-sign shaped pizza table, and watched my christmas offering to K-Cup, a piece of putrescence called On The Road, featuring Jeff Bridges on a series of off days and Justin Timberlake as the joyless husk of a minor league ball player.

It only gets less exciting from there…we watched the end of the Miss America pageant for mockery and accusations of harlotry against any woman who DARED wear RED for her evening gown (you’ll notice none of them were in the top five), then SNL which was shockingly decent.

Any given weekend there’s always a ton of free or reasonably priced or expensive stuff that I’m just not doing in Brooklyn, and especially since Gracie came along I’ve made my peace with that to a certain extent. That said, I do want to take advantage of this commemorative 3-day weekend…. Today I’ll be doing laundry so I don’t have to go to work wearing inside-out pajamas, and preparing for my bookclub buddy who’s coming over for a Nostalgic Viewing of the original Parent Trap. But Monday I will definitely do something cool – if it’s not too frigid, I’m going to put more air in my bike tires and ride out to the Greenwood Cemetery when it’s actually OPEN and take tons of pictures, so hold tight folks.

Coming soon:

Cleopatra: Was effing awesome and not for the reasons you think

The Fighter, Black Swan, True Grit and other award nominees

Crappy movies: Why, god, why?

and to conclude: A sign language interpretation of Cee-lo Green’s Fuck You.

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