There’s a name for you ladies…

But it isn’t used in high society. Outside of a kennel.

Ok, here is one of the many things that are awesome about this day and age. People can find video, they can collect it, they can edit it, they can mash it up, and simultaneously present probably 30 or so movies that I love that make me want to go watch ALL of them RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Please to also see, a Dondrapersayswhat

It makes me appreciate editing, and the comedic power of a quick cut or a long pause. Also the crunchy chewable quality of the really good kiss offs from before the Hollywood Code got all permissive and stuff. “If I gave you any thought, I probably would.”

Also, in case seeing Tron: Legacies Are For Suckers left a bad taste in your mouth, this should fix it (also if you haven’t seen it, just watch this a few times)

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