“Because if so then we have a problem”

…because he does that.

Officers throughout the borough are under orders to target rogue cyclists flouting city traffic laws — particularly those riding on sidewalks, running red lights and zipping down streets the wrong way, police sources said.

The juiced-up enforcement, which quietly kicked off this week, is an expansion of an already-ongoing operation to rein in lawbreaking cyclists that began in Manhattan.

Patrols will especially focus on Downtown Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope and Williamsburg, where cycling has become a primary means of transportation for many hipsters and other residents.

more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/bike_outta_crime_Z0bnaghA2tSCsG4cRejktI#ixzz1ANm6MuAL

I just want to point out that Park Slope is a bike riding haven for hipsters AND OTHER RIDERS. As one of those other riders myself, I will confess to sporting a roller derby style helmet but to in all other respects I assert I am much more That Girl Breathing Heavily And Trying To Avoid Sewer Lids. Also “primary” is putting it a little strong.

This week I rode my bike up to meet some people on Atlantic Ave and while the shaking is much improved, which is to say, diminished, bike lanes are still obscured by tons of snow. Also, snow? Super slippery for bikes. A friend linked me to a cool cheap way to DIY snow tires using those snap-tie things they use to arrest people now, but I’m not that coordinated and besides, how long can the snow stay here, right Bloomie?

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