Hail Googler, Well Met

One of the best things about WordPress is the site stats that tell me who’s been searching for what when they clicked their way here. I promote my posts on Twitter, and they automatically update on an LJ RSS feed, but aside from that most of my hits come from these searches, some of which are a little hurtful, frankly.


mkp-hearts-nyc The vast majority of hits are just searching for my username, which I find perplexing. It’s just mkp-hearts-nyc.wordpress, people. Bookmark it!
long nose in movie …..this is what posting cyrano gets you?
okcupid mkpheartsnyc Creeper! My online dating name is totes different from my public one but points for moxie
i’m just going to write because i cannot help it. Hail, fellow bronte lover!
family feud “something you walk out on” OUCH
we all fall for the pricks Up in the Air was the best
adam j wahlberg ??
bloody bloody andrew jackson Fair
popper’s penguins park slope montgomery Fair
so i hear you make keys as a hobby I feel like I should quote more movies randomly
aspca Get yourself a Gracie!
i’m convinced i’ll die alone WTF
sean bean Sorry, whoever was looking for Sean Bean fanfic.


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2 Responses to Hail Googler, Well Met

  1. Suzanne says:

    I get a LOT of hits from nice normal things, like “circus birthday party” (my most popular post ever by like a ZILLION hits) and “moby baby carrier” and “cute bebeh”.

    But these are also in my top ten from this week:
    lower back tramp stamps
    pregnant sasquatch
    diapers are not just for babies anymore (WTF?)
    fat girl 9 months pregnant belly
    does being drunk when you’re pregnant fe (OH HOW I WISH I KNEW THE REST OF THIS ONE!)

    The Googles are fun.

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