Wrapping up 2010

not more introspective moody looking-backing-blahblahblah….

Never fear! This is more of a logistical, “I’ve spent 3 weeks building and expanding a new and improved blog-twitter-commenter presence and now I’m going awayyyy” sort of post.

This afternoon I’m hopping on Vamoose with Gigantor to spend Christmas with the fam. On the agenda:



The Tempest starring Helen Mirren

True Grit

The King’s Speech

Caps game and Rosa Mexicana with Not-family

Time with the gal pals of my yute

And of course, MKP’s Piano Lounge featuring me and the same book of carols I’ve been playing from since high school. And finishing my grad school app. And doing some work from home so there’ll be cash monay waiting for me in 2011.

Posting might be less frequent…depending on the wifi signal we can score from the neighbors, anyway…. but Happy Holidays if you’re homeward bound to celebrate something wintery. Y’all make my heart grow three sizes.

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