Holiday Song Bat Signal

My internets buddy Paisley Pajamas passed on a link to the following EXPLOSION OF CHEAP CHRISTMAS CHEER and so I’m sending out the following request for recommendations.

Specifically, for Christmas tunes, though I am not averse to Winter paeans general.

I like traditional carols, and pop tunes, but not traditional songs sung as pop tunes.


  • Brian Stokes Mitchell singing “Angels From The Realms of Glory” with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Good.
  • David Archuleta singing “Pat-a-pan”: Good.
  • Kris Kringle’s Kids singing “Up On The Housetop”: Good.
  • Mariah Carey singing “What Child Is This” like she’s doing a Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday Mr. President” impression, giggles and all: BAD.
  • “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”: Irreplaceable.

Right now my playlist has everything from Bing Crosby to the Love Actually Soundtrack, Rudolph to Rudy Vallee….colorful holiday ornaments

So tell me. What should I be listening for this year?

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2 Responses to Holiday Song Bat Signal

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yeah, the Love Actually soundtrack is my go-to, so you’ve got it. Also, my mother owns EVERY SINGLE Amy Grant Christmas album (on cassette tape) so it’s not Christmas without her singing…just about every carol ever.

    Um, and, um, also? The songs from the Target commercials this year? Are, uh, good. I really love the one where the kids are tearing into the presents and the “You’ll Never Find My Christmas” one. So, uh, I might have downloaded those. But they were FREE so it’s ok.

  2. mkpheartsnyc says:

    Amy Grant, ay? I’m sure we have some…I grew up with a lot of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree era cassette tapes, so I enjoy a 60s pop Christmas vibe along with my traditional carols.

    Someone else very kindly pointed me to the Target Christmas songs and I have to say… I hate them. I also hate the random “contemporary” Christmas/gratitude song that Stokes sang with the Tabernacle Choir too – something about contemporary Christmas songs just …. feels wrong. Like…the sentiment can’t be true if it’s not written by an anonymous carol writer or anyone post 1973.

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