Game of Thrones + HBO is going to be full of SO MUCH WIN.

I’ve been excited about this ever since I stumbled across Winter is Coming – the Game of Thrones is one of those series that annoys my feminism while engrossing my fantasy geek soul. There was much speculation over whether it would be worthwhile or a disaster… And then they cast Peter Dinklage and my fears were 99.5% allayed.

To recap: George R. R. Martin is a misogynistic writer who doesn’t grasp that hey, maybe in a fantastic realm where There Are Dragons, you don’t have to adhere to some (imaginary) Medieval moral code where women get raped and threatened all the time…..but I loves me some Dinklege, don’t mind some Sean Bean, and while I’d rather have seen Lizzie Bennett as Caitlin Stark, I’m psyched to see what everyone else has brought to the table.

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  1. iammykidsmom says:

    Who is Lizzie Bennett?

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