Dayumn, Zuck…imagine how peeved the Winklevii are now…

Facebook founder M-Z-money agrees to give away um, all his Z-money. Well, not all, probably. But a lot. Apparently Bill Gates and Warren Buffett peer pressured a lot of fellow wealthionaires into donating their cash money to worthy causes instead of being buried in a Scrooge McDuck Mausoleum with hourly coin shower.

“Starting last year, Mr. Gates, his wife Melinda Gates, Mr. Buffett and other wealthy individuals hosted a series of dinners for billionaires to discuss setting up the pledge.”

I want to know what went on at those dinners. You think they were fancy 5 course affairs with sherbet palate cleansers, or did Gates etc invite all these rich folks up for some Hunan Delight carry-out to prove that he’d already given most of his fortune away?

P.S. I love the euphemism “fortune” when it refers to tons and tons of money and also when I can make a Chinese food pun out of it. I hereby commit to have spent my fortune on stuff that nobody will want by the time I’m dead, so my heirs won’t fight over it except in the “who has to get rid of all Mom’s stupid stuff” sort of way.

P.P.S. Future Hypothetical Kids: Just call Flat Rate Space Moving, ok, and stop whining or so help me I will turn this afterlife around.

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