Reverb10 Day 7

December 7 – Community Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? (Author: Cali Harris)

I first stumbled onto the Twitter community in 2009, so I guess I can’t count that…. and I found the Do-Gooder community last year too, though it wrapped up in spring of this year… I could say the Obnoxious Dog Owner community – a dog is the next-best thing to a baby in Not-Quite-Park-Slope, after all, and one of our neighbors literally had no personality to either of us until magically her dog, Oscar, met our Gracie and they got along unlike the yappy sociopath pomer-terrier-nightmare on our floor…. But dog owners, even at the dog park, are way more willing to learn Gracie’s name than to learn mine. And the feeling is mutual…

It's Gracie, Bitch (totally gratuitous)

So I’d have to say the publishing freelance community that emerged when I left my year of service to write for a pop culture sports clips show that probably 120 people saw. I mean, I’d done my time in publishing and thought I’d seen the last of it…but K-Cup hooked me up with my old publishing house, and a buddy I used to work with there who’s now at my current publishing house extended a hand, and now it’s like one big happy family again. It was also great to meet so many social media types this summer – usually the entire concept of social media as a deliberate construct gives me hives, but my buddy Matt is the socialnetworkingest person I’ve ever met, and somehow manages to have excellent taste.

Anytime he has a party, if I can get my shiz together to attend, it’s populated with interested, talented, experienced people who are just as willing to debate internet marketing platforms as to challenge you to Wii sports (or actual sports – I actually got to play catch this summer! With real people!) (whatever, catch is sports).

As for 2011…. I want to get more invested in the sober community here in Brooklyn. I’ve been sort of loitering on the edges….even when I was communicating with people multiple times a week I wasn’t really doing service or working with newly sober folks, so that’s a goal for me. Otherwise it’s just one day at a time and knowing that my life is at its most unmanageable when I try to control it myself.

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