Reverb10 Day 6

December 6 – Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? (Author: Gretchen Rubin)

The last thing I made was a plate at the now-dearly-departed Color Me Mine on Franklin street…I was feeling flustered and bothered and just feeling lots of feelings so I hie’d me hence to paint some pottery. I’m always trying to lay down tape and paint over it and make clean lines and usually it looks something like this because I’m just too impatient to be not-sloppy:

inverted bowl with uneven colored stripes around the rim







This particular plate was originally intended to be one of those cool geometric things where you draw an x and y-axis, and then draw straight lines from y-10 to x-1, y-9 to x-2, y-8 to x-3, etc until it makes a curve. But that turned out to be complicated, so I turned it into an homage to the Prince St. R train mosaic:

The sillhouettes in the mosiac are doing all kinds of mundane things, so I painted a bunch of little stick figures comme c’est:

plate close up 1

plate close up 2Will the gal on the unicycle knock Ms. Ponytail and her presents off the ledge?!?!





Will the guy with the churro cart (who, to be fair, belongs at Atlantic Pacific st) catch up with lil miss rollerskates and her backwards hat of awesome? WHO KNOWS.




On the back I painted stairs and "To Prince Street"


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