So, as many of you know, I grew up having MST3K for breakfast on Saturday mornings, instead of cereal. One of the great pleasures of living in the digital age is that I can not only keep up with the creative doings of my childhood snarking idols, but also engage with them upon occasion. Sometimes it’s unpleasant, like when I got into an unfortunate exchange with the West Wing’s Josh Malina. Other times it is awesome, like when I began chiming in on silly memes with one hilarious and creative Bill Corbett.

It all led me to tonight’s benefit reading of his play, Hate Mail, featuring John Slattery and Cynthia Nixon (which was funny, quirky and a cracking good inspiration for future letter-based entertainment). And meeting said Corbett and his charming wife, Virginia (who took the photo):

me and Bill Corbett smiling

So far, the internet has found me a job (my sports pop-up-video gig), several decent dates, several dates that were good stories if not good times, baseball companions, free tickets to things and numerous friends, as yet met and unmet. I heart it.

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