Moar on Martin92ndYSolomonGate

Curiouser and Curiouser

At this point credulity is being mashed through a strainer with the subtlety of a mashywhotsit. Fiasco? Debacle? LIVES RUINED? CHILDREN LOST IN PRAMS ON THE BRIGHTON LINE?

An incident like this – an unsuccessful interview – might lead to some revisions on interview guidelines, maybe a look at the 92Y’s pricing of interviews…. that’s probably the most you’re going to see. There’s not going to be a Lock Down on Free Speech, 3Qs aren’t going to find themselves robbed of opportunities to be awful, Steve Martin isn’t going to revert back to his goofy Cyrano-nose-wearing earlier incarnation…though I bet Deborah Solomon stays the heck out of a certain block on the UES for a while…

Photo of Steve Martin in character from the movie Roxanne with a long nose


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