Steve Martin: Artful Comedian

Apparently the 92nd St Y called a mulligan on a conversation he had with a friend re: his new book and the art world it inhabits…  I just like his closing zinger

[ETA: Martin just tweeted a link to NPR’s response, which is making this whole kerfuffle more interesting. Remember that time I went to hear Wallace Shawn speak and was like “Wow, turns out I am not a fan of Wallace Shawn”…or more recently when K-Cup and I scored tickets to an exclusive private sooper sekrit Artist’s Den performance by Elvis Costello that had die-hard Costello fans in tears. I was sitting in the back drafting a grad school essay because I’d been lured more by the promise of something Exclusive and Secret than by Mr. Costello himself (his performance and British bluegrassy tunes were enjoyable, I liked having them around me, but I wasn’t swooning like I did for, say, La Roux).

And yet it wouldn’t have occurred to me to demand my money back (in the case of the Shawn book which I later pawned off on K-Cup) or to flounce out of the Costello concert annoyed that he wasn’t more like the guy who sings all the Toy Story theme songs who I usually confuse him with.

Being bored is not the worst thing that can happen to an audience. Having a juggler break the fourth wall and insist you participate is.

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