MKP hearts….new blog sites?

Big changes, y’all! Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress – Oh my! Don’t worry… I’m still me, I’m still a loud, feminist, Mets-cheering, movie-loving long-walking New York transplant. I just wanted some shinier digs. You know how New Yorkers are about their real estate.

This new improved blog will feature:

1. New York Stories

2. Writing About Writing

3. More Writing about Movies, Books, TV and Theater

4. Feminist Outrage

5. Dating Stories – I always thought dating guys was pretty tricky…turns out girls are *gasp* also tricky.

6. Photography! One of my presents to myself this year was a shiny, shiny camera that can transfer pictures to my shiny shiny laptop in the blink of a digital eye, ergo, pictures!

7. Gracie, aka the best dog ever. Here she is pondering the universe (I don’t know if you’ve heard, but life is super hard for little dogs named Gracie – sometimes they have to go OUTSIDE):

Adorable mostly white dog with black-brindled markings looks pensive

We call this the Pensive Punky Brewster Look

8. Rampant silliness with no warning whatsoever

9. The occasional cameo by Gigantor who I can’t say exists primarily to amuse me, but that does seem to be among his more advanced functions.

My very tall brother making a silly face and holding a tiny espresso cup while sitting in a very small chair

Gigantor and Ceramic Whimsy....a match made in Absurdistan.

10. Whatever else I think of. I still heart NY, I still rise to the bait, I still hate elevator chivalry and I really REALLY love Mad Men. So in that sense, the only things that are changing are the URL and the new more open approach to blogging like it’s hawt.

Me, giving a slightly sarcastic smile and two thumbs way up

Who's got two thumbs and loves wordpress like whoa? This girl.

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2 Responses to MKP hearts….new blog sites?

  1. Ellen says:

    Hey, I meandered over here from your old LJ (I’m @ellenneithernor over there) and I also heart new blog sites. Hooray!

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