This week’s Glee…

Apparently made my boss cry, but my reactions were somewhat different.

First off I think the 1/3 of the episode that was Glee’s Own It Gets Better Video was fine – it’s always good to see Kurt out and about, the new guys school group rocked the blazer off "Teenage Dream" and while I don’t think we need to encourage our gay youth to stand up to their bullies physically or to assume their tormenters are closeted self-hating gays themselves…it was good to illustrate for them that yes, it sucks, but there are environments where it won’t suck and people who will hear you. 

The 1/3 that was All Teenage Boys Want Sex And No Matter How Much They Love Their Girlfriends Will Still Refer To It As Putting Out And Resent Them For Not Doing it… sucked. 

The 1/3  that was inexplicably hateful re: Coach Beist….sucked.

I get the feeling they rewrote/re-edited this episode in a hurry in response to all the recent tragedies in the gay teen community, and … while it’s good to try, they failed utterly. Aside from Teenage Dream, the music was hasty, more over produced than usual, and the performances made absolutely no sense, visually or musically or cinematographically. It was either lazy or so rushed I’m astonished they didn’t just take a breath and say "If we’re going to finally handle bullying, let’s SAY SOMETHING REAL about it." 

I don’t necessarily understand the folks who are critiquing the It Gets Better project – sure there are tons of issues and inequalities to deal with as an LGBT adult, but do they really think that reassuring kids who feel like their entire world is a funnel and they’re at the bottom of it trying to hold back an avalanche of rocks needs to come after reminding them that hey, hospital visitation is still dicey! 

Oy. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to rewatch the only part of tonight’s episode worth watching. 

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