Ok I was all “I’m back and here I am gone again”

And clearly I lied and didn’t open my laptop for a week, leading me to be not one but TWO episodes behind on Mad Men. 

But Sady of Tiger Beatdown has come up with the most perfect analogy for feminism I’ve ever read so here I am, resurfacing for a hot minute

According to this theory, we can imagine each woman’s life as a long plane ride. It is cramped, it is full of obnoxious strangers, and the snacks are always disappointing. Also, there are sexists in it. Flying it! Giving safety instructions in it! Handing out disappointing snacks! Pre-feminism is the point at which the woman comes to think, “you know, I think maybe the arrangements on this plane are unfair? Maybe even sexist?” Feminism is the point at which she realizes, “holy shit! This plane is full of sexism!” And then there is the “post-feminist” stage of life, during which the woman announces to all and sundry, “I AM SICK OF ALL THIS MOTHERFUCKING SEXISM ON THIS MOTHERFUCKING PLANE.” Also, she gains the power to extend jokes several years past their natural life span. It’s just how these things work! I don’t know why!

The full post is here and contains strongly worded comments re: mantypes and in particular David Rusbatch and a heinously offensive piece of crap he contributed to a feminist art show which obviously needed contribution from mantypes because how else would we know it is art?

Ok, one more excerpt because migawd she’s amazing:

[The responses to this piece of crap art would include….]

Pre-Feminism: There’s something off about this. It makes me uncomfortable. I’m tempted to say something, but, you know, I don’t want to be disruptive or sound harsh or anything. It’s art; maybe I don’t get it.

Men have occupied a position of unfair privilege within the arts for, lo, this many a century, and have also been granted an unacceptable authority over the truths of women. They craft our narratives; they decide on the merits of our behavior; they are even granted more authority when making proclamations on our essential character and motivations than women are. We, as women, must reclaim our power and our narratives once more! We must not grant men the illusion of authority or expertise when we know they do not possess it in reality!

Post-Feminism: Shut the fuck up, David Rusbatch 

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