Wow – I have posted exactly once, for all of September

 Did you guys assume I was dead? 

Well, here’s what happened this month: 
1) Continued temp working at ye olde publisher
2) applied for and acquired and began second job at Whimsical Ceramics R Us
3) Went to some ball games
4) Tried frantically to adjust to all this "working" business which was shockingly non-redolent of LEISURE. 
5) Lots of awkward first dates. 
6) Every weekend but one since August spent in the company of my family, which has been both strong-family-ties-making and um-how-did-this-happen-iful. 
7) My phone died and was unreplaceable for a solid week-and-a-half. I now know what Abe Lincoln felt like in his log cabin. Not great, but surprisingly still able to make plans and meet up with people. PSA: People think you’re a sketchball if you try to set up a first date while you have no phone. 

But now I’m back and working (sans weekend gallivanting) for the foreseeable future, so maybe some more blogging will happen? Or…or maybe I’ll just figure out how to twitter from my new touch phone which, in addition to giving my mom kidnap scares by calling her from my purse, simultaneously lets me play monopoly and keeps me from doing anything else. 

We now return to your regularly scheduled post. 

* * * * *
I wanted to do a Grand Summing Up and Welcome To My Second Quarter-Century of Life, so I looked to my previous birthday LJ updates for inspiration. Over the past 5 years I’ve offered up significant birthday observances such as:

2006: Someone please explain to me what the heck herds of seagulls are doing grazing over our grounds?!

2007Bite me, OKCupid. You, and those bright yellow "still single" signs that line the road whenever I drive anywhere in No.VA, and those "Looking for someone" ads on the subway… all of y’all can just bite me.

2008: I made it in time to get up to bat (sacrifice-RBI infield single) and to stand authoritatively next to second base. I was the Luis Castillo of last night’s game.

2009: Next week I hope someone awards us [i.e. women] the Most Disgusting, Atrocious Thing ever to happen in America! prize.

So this year I’d like to do something a little more special. Mario, The Real World, New Coke, Back to the Future and We Are The World joined me in turning 25 today.

Twenty years ago I was 5. My grandfather made me a dollhouse for my birthday that I didn’t even notice the first time I walked by it. We lived in Maryland, I was in kindergarten, and I loved my cat. It was mostly mutual. 

Fifteen years ago I was in 5th grade. I liked the Washington Bullets, re-reading Alanna, the one Tamora Pierce book I knew existed until college, playing basketball and soccer, doing puzzles in class, and getting way too into the Egyptian history unit where we mummified chicken wings. I ran with the boys like I always had even though some of them had gotten mean and were about to get meaner. 

Ten years ago I was in high school, a sophomore…I was friends with some toxic people, friends with some good people, and about to be cast in my first school musical. I had braces, bangs, Broadway aspirations and an unshakeable conviction that I too could look good in the crap sold at 5-7-9. 

Five years ago I was 20…I was planning for my semester in India for the spring of my junior year, and I was pretty lost otherwise. I knew I liked writing, liked teaching, liked watching movies and plays, and liked singing but hated to practice, I was still watching a movie in the school library almost every day the way a 4-year-old naps with her blankie. I had more toxic friends than good ones, and was pretty sure the relationship I was in was going to get me out of dating in my twenties. (HA).

Four years ago I was 21 and about to hit bottom. It was a dark, scary time that I totally hid from just about everyone in my life, including my family, this journal, my friends…anyone who wasn’t sharing an apartment or a bottle of something cheap and awful with me, really. 

Three years ago I was celebrating 7 months sober and my first month in New York. I was about to start commuting to Tiny Town for a Shoulder Chip Augmentation and the world’s best donuts. 

Two years ago I was planning my first solo vacation from my first Grown-up Job. I went to Hawaii for a sober convention and I didn’t tell hardly anyone why I was going, which that made it even more fun somehow. 

One year ago I was still bouncing back from The Layoff That Changed Everything. I was broke, still trying to learn the arts education nonprofit Do-Gooder ropes, and sort of coasting with blinders. 

Today, I’m over-employed for the first time ever. I’m excited about this new publishing opportunity, I LOVE my store and the social environment and change of pace it gives me, I’ve had my first professional writing gig, I’ve given notice for the first time, I’ve been the one to walk away before a relationship got heinously warped and damaging, I’ve acquired a bike, buried two hamsters (ok, fine, I threw them out, whatever), moved my ever-Gigantor-er brother into his NYU dorm, and visited my parents as an only child for the first time since I was 6. 

Pull up a chair! My plate is pretty full but there’s always room for one more. 

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