I think I’m probably that girl nobody wants to ask what she did on her summer vacation….if by summer vacation you mean the last two weeks of August and first three weeks of September that I have allowed to pass by without updating y’all on my every thought, whim, decision, and television viewing. ALSO my phone has been dead for a week leading to untold pain and anguish. Well, ok, I guess it’s kind of told anguish now, but it STILL HURTS. 

Anyway, developments have included: The continuation of my temp gig for my old publisher, the beginning of my retail superstardom at a glassware emporium par excellence, the acquisition of a new temp-to-perm gig at a new publisher that will see me happily employed until at least April, at which point I will be hopefully awaiting grad school news or being promoted to Store Manager Extraordinaire at the Glassware Emporium or something. 

See, traditionally I do superwell in retail environments where I actually like the products being sold. I killed at Build-a-Bear Workshop. I don’t mean I literally killed someone, I mean they wanted me to drop out of music school and help run their store. Somehow, my elusive extrovert side comes out; I experience a rare benefit of my ADD as it leaps to point out inventory that’s been mis-shelved and wants to dust and straighten every little thing….. People I can’t stand to listen to on the subway somehow become delightful story-bearers and I ask them things like "how was the movie" and "was the line long at Trader Joe’s?" based on where I can tell they’re coming from. It’s magic, I tell you. 

I need a desk job because it pays cash money, but I profit from the social atmosphere of a retail job in other important ways. 

For example, while I was on my feet for 5 hours last night, I had time to think about my analysis of this week’s Mad Men, which I should be writing up later today. I also made a list of Stuff I Want To Buy and you won’t believe what’s on there (a laptop) (and a helmet and basket for my bike) (and the offensively named but enchantingly fitted "boyfriend jean") (there’s a slight chance you won’t feel the teeniest bit of incredulity at all. Whatever. Thanks for coming – have a great night!)

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