I’m all over BK on Kermette these days….riding to places…riding from places. Yesterday morning I intended to only run an errand or two, mail a netflix, and come home. I wound up riding around the entire Prospect Park loop (3.35 miles, bitchez, plus the riding I did to and fro) without stopping. Today I rode over to Cobble Hill to turn in a job application at my favorite old school movie theater (my main qualification is apparently "Free time on the weekends") and back. 

Shakiness is down, posterior soreness is WAY up, and there’s a new element, Wrist Strain Due To Handlebar Deathgrip. Ouchies. 

Also, even a shiny fancy bike lane is no guarantee of a hassle free ride. Other cyclists seem to think they can just ride side-by-side or whatever, despite the fact that it is clearly a two-way double-lane bikepath. 

* * * *

Temping in my old office is going well – motoring through a data entry project. I have the typical "Kid back in daycare" cold already, which is annoying, and I find myself pretty wiped out in the evenings, wondering why I didn’t spend days at Coney Island and MoMA when I had the chance. Of course, the answer is, I was broke, but it still feels like there were some rosebuds I missed out on gathering while I may’ve. 

This week I’ve got 3 scripts to do for the show, PLUS 5 full days of work, PLUS a young sober folks convention, PLUS Gigantor’s arrival at the Institute of Higher Learning he will be attending for the next four-seven years pending academic success. Also, Teddy Bear day at Citifield. 

That’s right folks, Gigantor + MKP take NYC in tandem. TWICE the mayhem. TWICE the diner hopping. TWICE the people with our last name. Actually that might be some other fraction.

ALSO he’s been steeping himself in MadMen, so our email exchanges discussing the ongoing episodes are getting pretty epic. I’ll try and post one for this week’s episode so you too can enjoy the madness. 

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