It’s a little bit like discovering you have a super power

So I’m going to visit a twitter friend for dinner later, and when I checked hopstop to see how far away she lived, I thought "It would be nice if I had a bike – I could just ride right over there."

And then today a facebook friend was all "I’ve got this free bike here…" 

So… today I rode a bike 3/4 of the way down Union street. For the first time in years. Well, I’ve never ridden a bike on Union street, and I hadn’t been on a bike since the novelty edition that seats four people and looks like a car in Rehoboth Beach

Ok, so, I was riding, by which I mean coasting and squeezing the back brake and devoutly hoping I wasn’t about to tip over. Then I got off when I hit 4th avenue because I realized I have no idea how to turn left in a stoplight situation. And walked it the rest of the way home.  

This is going to take some getting used to. 

Brooklyn is pretty rich with bike lanes, so as soon as I get a mental roadmap going, I’ll be able to get myself around at least 4x faster than I do on foot. Of course, I was disheartened to realize that Park Slope isn’t ironically named. There are hills and stuff, which don’t tend to bother me when I’m walking but … let me put it this way. 

When I was 10 and riding around my neighborhood I used to walk my little bike with the pink plastic Snoopy basket on it all the way up the biggest hill in the neighborhood so I could come caroming down. Repeatedly. Then I would walk it up again. In my defense, it had no gears. 

Anyway, expect some biking adventure stories as a mostly sedentary person who nevertheless loves exploring and will do anything to create a breeze in an air-condition-less existence….rides a bike. 

P.S. it’s green so I’m calling it Kermette. 

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