Before Synthesis

Reaction to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, Part 3

I never had the "Meet here in a year" sort of interrupted love story, though I did have a friend in high school who I used to go on long walks with (not the one who turned out to be an ass), and we would talk for hours after the school bus dropped us off. There was something vital about the energy we got from walking around and talking – something Linklater captures beautifully in both movies, along with the comfort level between his actors and the candor that comes from being in a weird, once-in-life timeless experience together.

One thought that struck me about the characters in Before Sunrise is that if they’d just lived with this stage of technology,

  • a) it would have been totally instinctive for them to exchange information before parting,
  • b) they would have had Missed Connections when one wasn’t able to make the rendezvous,
  • c) They would definitely have had cell phone pictures of each other, and
  • d) All he would have had to do was google "Celine" and "Sarbonne" and wade through a couple of erroneous facebook profiles.

But then again, I have all those tools at my fingertips and have never been able to reconnect with my walkabout friend, who took me to prom senior year, whose sister I know on Facebook, and whose mom still lives 2 blocks from my parents house.

So maybe Jesse and Celine are just lucky, after a fashion.

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