Before Sincerity

Responding to "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset," Part II

Yeah, it definitely made me cry.  

The two of them were walking by the river and that guy wrote them a poem around the word "Milkshake" and suddenly I got it. 
So I raced through the end of Before Sunrise, and immediately clicked over to the first 10 minute installment of Before Sunset.

Cynical 24-year-old MKP wanted to chime in with "Gee I wish they hadn’t recast Tom Cruise as Ethan Hawke in this one," but she was quickly silenced by the 2000 Edition, who pulled her pillow a little closer to the laptop and let her towels and pillowcases sit in the washing machine for like, 45 minutes after the rinse cycle finished to avoid having to break the rhythm.

I, like every other person who has watched these clips on this youtube channel, was horrified and aghast when the audio cut out in the middle of Celine’s "Waltz" but was reassured when the comments below the video quietly directed me to a super secret re-posted version (well, the 4th comment did – the first comment was something like F#$%%$##$% I’M SO PISSED RIGHT NOW).

Suddenly, with my viewing experience alone, I’m not only buying into the premise of the film, but in a small time-condensed way, actually demonstrating it. Linklater 1: MKP2010 0

The beauty of these movies for me is ultimately in the way the characters talk around, over, under, outside and finally through what they’re actually thinking. Sometimes in a cutesy way, like in the Sunrise faux-phone scene, and sometimes in a wrenching way, like in the back of the Sunset cab – they have to say what they don’t mean a few different ways before they can just get to the truth.

In writing this post the first time, I tried so hard to say the opposite of what I meant, and to mean it.

Luckily for you guys, I deleted all the big talk about how I’m older and wiser, and since I’ve had the Great Sincere Romance and a couple of really juicy Unrequited Love Affairs With Bad Timing, I never get swept away by the romance inherent in the system…. 

OF COURSE the truth of all this is that I absolutely believe in this kind of love – the kind that forms quickly, and if you’re not very lucky or the universe isn’t aligned in just the right way, the kind that will just haunt you instead of wrapping you up in that 360-degree camera-circling kiss with rose petals and the perfect wind. And I’m absolutely certain that these actors and RIchard Linklater will be hitting us with Before Noon or After Midnight 10 years from now, and then I get REALLY EXCITED to realize that it’s probably only 4 years away since I’m about 6 years behind.

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