Before Cynicism

Since my writing assignment this week has to do with Ethan Hawke (I would have failed the SATs if "What comes next" were based on my assignments thus far: Hockey, basketball, hockey, Bill Bradley, Amar’e Stoudemire,  Westminster Dog Show, _____) my preferred method of procrastination today has been watching Ethan Hawke movies on Netflix instant view and youtube.

The Aged P recommended Before Sunrise to me a while back, and I dutifully ordered it from Netflix but  eventually sent it back because I was just never quite in the mood for a dialogue-driven meet cute. But now my crazybrain has concluded that it is CRUCIAL I watch it RIGHT NOW instead of researching other Hawke-related tie-ins, finishing my laundry or sleeping. 

Because the internet is amazing, it’s available in ten minute chunks on youtube and I have to say, were I watching it with 14-year-old MKP we’d be having a pretty interesting conversation.

14-year-old MKP, you’ll remember, is the one who was guaranteed to cry for at least 45 minutes after seeing such true-to-life relationship documentaries as "Only You," in which Marisa Tomei goes hunting for Damon Bradley based on a gypsy’s prediction and falls for Robert Downey Jr., "Music From Another Room" in which Jude Law falls for Gretchen Mol and wears her down by romancing her family (went around quoting that one for YEARS), "Truly Madly Deeply," in which Juliette Stevens takes Alan Richman’s death so hard he comes back as a ghost to comfort/annoy her into moving on…

All of these movies settled deep into 14-year-old MKP’s soul and told her that breathless hetero romance was The Greatest Thing in the World and if she just stayed open-hearted, one day her meet-cute would turn into an evening of soul-searching conversation and aimless but totally meaningful walks and what’s more, any conversation and any walk could potentially turn into An Important Relationship Event so she should probably consider each and every conversation and walk with an eye to retelling it as a wedding toast, and in no way think critically about the actual conversation/potential relationship at hand. 

14-year-old MKP would be watching "Before Sunset" and probably bawling by 10-minute-installment #3. Ethan Hawke is just so nonchalant and dashing and not at all what you’d expect to find on a train in Europe of all places!! 24-year-old MKP is thinking along just slightly different lines. . .

* * * * *
Here’s where it gets interesting.

When I started this entry, hours and many 10-minute-installments ago, I was watching "Before Sunrise" with a smirk and an eyeroll, preparing a mental list of all the things I disliked about Ethan Hawke and all the moments that hit me wrong about this movie and how men and women can never be friends and you know one time I went on an all-night walk with a guy and he turned out to be an ass and that’s why this movie is a total lie….

And then I hit the 1 am threshold. 

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