How do you swoon in Gaelic?

 So, it’s a Friday. I’m newly living my freelance life, having been totally unprepared for all this free time and barely getting it together enough for an amazing trip to MoMA’s PS 1 in Long Island City yesterday (a really cool afternoon…more later). Naturally I sleep in (accidentally) and spend the day lounging, experimenting with various self-cooling techniques (tying a washcloth full of ice cubes to my head with a bandanna was the big winner – thanks [info]meopta !!)  and eating the newly purchased summer groceries I purchased with my first freelancer paycheck (i.e. triscuits, cheese, apples and pickles. Oh, and popsicles). 

Roundabout 7 this day starts to feel less like an awesome expenditure of absolutely no energy and more like "Um, maybe I should go outside?" so I put on pants, run an errand or two, adhere to my new vow of fiscal responsibility by getting a sweet tea from McDs instead of going to the bar down the street to watch the Mets and return to my apartment a slightly less indolent citizen. 

Then someone started ringing my apartment buzzer. I was a little jumpy, since one roommate’s out of town and the other one would probably be calling my cell phone, not ringing buzzers, and I wasn’t about to let some stranger in… so I went up to the roof to see if I could look down and see who it was. Like you do. (Really? You don’t just ignore it or walk downstairs? You go up two flights? Yes. ANYWAY..)

I stepped onto the roof to see a really cute guy bent over a laptop in a lawnchair. If I was feeling less awkward and wearing something that was not my Nobody Can See Me In These workout shorts, I thought, we could have had an awesome meet-cute just now.  I passed him to peek over the edge of the roof, it was nobody I knew, so I said hi and walked around to the other side of the roof to leave him to his typing-while-hot.

The sun was setting, the moon was rising with a golden orange fullness… soon he was joined by a girl, I stayed until I thought they’d gone, enjoying the fading light and the cool breeze, along with several other Not Quite Park Slope denizens on their various terraces and balconies.

When I finally got up to go inside, I passed Cutey cute on the stairs and he asked if I’d like to come up for a drink. I don’t drink, but was I going to turn down a request from my god the cutest guy ever who lives in my building and from the sound of it is IRISH?

No, no I was not. So I went back up, met his friend, then met a bunch of his friends as he called them and they arrived. I got to witness the "throw down the keys to friends" move from Rent live and in person, which was awesome. Together we all sat on the roof and chatted about the evening and our respective jobs and tattoos… now I have a friend in Apartment 5 who lives with an extroverted Frenchman and a Yankees fan, who works for the BBC, writes, and plays Rock Band. 

I’m thinking this summer is going to rate about a 27 on the awesomesauce scale?

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2 Responses to How do you swoon in Gaelic?

  1. Anonymous says:

    how cool do you have to be to THROW YOUR KEYS!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    how cool do you have to be to THROW YOUR KEYS!?

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