Declarative statements.

It is HOT in this city. And the subway smells weird.

The jackhammers and tar smashers that woke me up too early this morning were LOUD and unappreciated.

Today we’re finishing up mosaic making with the munchkins in Harlem, which is exhausting and SO SWEATY because there’s no AC in  the school, and it’s too humid to tape anything to the walls in the basement cafeteria. This is not my preferred climate – not even close. I did however make a cool mosaic, help a bunch of kids with theirs, do a couple of sketches for them to  fill in with tiles, except then they get impatient, and then I have to both finish it and act like I’m not delighted to do it…

I’m going to Citifield with K-cup tonight, and this will be awesome except that I might be too broke to even afford little plastic ice cream helmet sundaes.

This weekend I’m swinging through No.VA for the Aged P’s further ageification (aka birthday – wish him a happy one, y’all) – we’ll be seeing the Red play the Nationals from The Good Seats behind home plate, and I’ll be getting a mani/pedi with MamaKP. Sunday, I will be on a bus.

Monday I will be on a different bus – taking 2nd graders to the Bronx Zoo. Where I have not been since infancy. To teach them about tree frogs. Which I have never studied, with the exception of however much I absorbed while downloading their night sounds into my iPod to play for the munchkins. Yay? 

The next two weeks leading up to Gigantor’s high school graduation (we will not talk about the ageficiation this implies for ME) are PACKED with friends’ gigs and housewarming parties and seeing Paul F. Tompkins live and generally trying to stay cool by keeping my newly reshorn hair damp or product’d up off my forehead. 

And I haven’t even started telling you about the Feminist Art Gallery in Brooklyn yet!!!! 

My life, it is full. 

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4 Responses to Declarative statements.

  1. lupinlover says:

    I love reading about NYC. It makes my heart beat faster.

  2. lupinlover says:

    I love reading about NYC. It makes my heart beat faster.

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