And oh how they danced, the little people of Manhattanhenge

This is the coolest/nerdiest thing I’ve heard about Manhattan all week….and I have been doing my research.

Twice a year on a not-quite equinox, the sun rises and sets in line with Manhattan’s main cross streets and looks really cool.

This weekend I:

Met the Aged P and his colleague at an Italian restaurant in Little Italy that actually played the Godfather theme.
Overheard some spectacular human Bridge and Tunnel cliches

Had dinner at PJ Clarke’s near Lincoln Center
Saw a pink hummer limo,
Witnessed the coolest/weirdest semi-staged Ligeti opera in history at Avery Fischer Hall – pretty hilarious for a Macabre evening.

Visited the Brooklyn Museum (so much more on this later – Egyptian galleries, Elizabeth A. Sackler Gallery of Feminist Art, the costume gallery not to be confused with the feminist art, Rodin sculptures, etc)
Had dinner with the Aged P and Gigantor on his Surprise! School Trip! That neither he nor I really knew was happening until Thursday…

Had the following conversation with Gigantor:
M: It’s going to be SO FUN when you move up here for NYU
G: I’m going to burn a different house every night!!
M:….. wow. …..Dial it back.

Met Gigantor and some of his intrepid and strange schoolmates for a quick trip to The Strand where they picked out the strangest selection of $1 books I’ve ever seen, then made plans to stay up late, have staged readings and discuss the blathering theories of anonymous French anarchy journals. It was…odd.

Bid adieu to the boys, engaged in a slight re-cuttening of the hair, coughed a lot, saw a lot of sailors in uniform, not ONE of whom seemed to be searching for Miss Turnstiles or humming ‘The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down" to themselves. Hmph. 

Also stumbled upon a possible writing opportunity, just days after telling a friend "You know, it’d be nice to do some actual writing and have it be job-like"….more information to follow, though I don’t want to jinx it like I did that oil pipeline. 

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