Holy SMOKES have I been away a long time

Ok, just the facts ma’am

1. It’s Women’s History Month, and in honor of our access to federally subsidized pregnancy termination care remaining history, go to these cool sites and see what women are being honored for in NYC! 

2. Planned Parenthood Activist training = amazing. Step 1, there are all different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences in the room, all coming together to talk about women’s options and what we can do to contribute. There are two dudes, one of whom everyone is trying to pretend isn’t hot and the other who didn’t show up to the third training (booo), but what I love almost as much as all the information I’m currently armed with about the options for reproductive health in this country is the fact that not one of our moderators/lecturers/guides has apologized to the dudes for using the names of lady parts or making period jokes.

Duh, why would a Planned Parenthood employee apologize for discussing in a frank and open way the primary concerns of women and her organization?

I don’t know, but I know that anytime I’m in a group of women and a few men, and a woman (I’m not saying it’s always me…though in the second training, about how to handle discussing "tricky" aka rage-inducing subjects, I was labelled as a hot-head in under 3 minutes by the moderator) says something that is….specific…not necessarily graphic or oversharingly personal, but just specific, about a part of the female anatomy/experience…. someone ALWAYS says "sorry guys!" 

Nobody at Planned Parenthood says "sorry guys." It’s not that we don’t love and accept our mantype allies, we just expect them to love and accept us too. 

3. Weather. Beautiful. Outsidey time looms promisingly.

4. Billy Elliot sucked.  Tres depressing.  Mainstream Broadway has totally lost its credibility in my mother’s eyes. 
5. The Village Vangaurd is very cool, as was Shostakovich’s The Nose, currently starring Emile DeBeque Paulo Szot at the Met. 

6. Shirley, though it will never ever unseat Jane Eyre as my favorite book of all books….is very engaging. Bronte published it as Currer Bell, and it’s the story of a small Yorkshire milltown set against the Napoleonic Wars abroad and domestic unrest at home, featuring boorish curates, conveniently not-that-closely related people of marriageable age and Country Society, with all its fripperies and pretenses.

My favorite passage so far is where Bronte (a woman) writing as Bell (a man) writes a scene for 3 curates (men) talking about marriage and how all women think about is marriage, and how do you even know which one to marry because they’re thinking about marriage alllll the time, and everyone thinks Curate #1 is going to marry Girl #1 even though Curate #2 really wins them all over with his flute playing skills. Meanwhile Bronte has just spent a chapter and a half advocating for the rights of the millworkers, explaining in metaphorical terms amongst many literary and Biblical allusions why the state should support its lower classes. But no, it’s all women who are marriage-obsessed. 

One of her characters, an 18-year-old resident of the town, has fallen in love with the brother of her tutor, and when they spend a pleasant evening reading Coriolanus aloud by the fire (…..) realizes he might have some tender feelings for her too, and goes off into happy imaginings of how their life together will be. Then she sees him the next day and he’s decided he Can’t Afford Love And Will Soon Have Got Over It. 

Bronte shamelessly segues into a ranting paragraph about the lot of womanhood – a man could demand explanation for such polarized treatment, announce his feelings, be satisfied as to why the tables have turned. But women just have to sit in silence, reproach themselves, squeeze a scorpion and drink some poison (seriously). She goes on for maybe 10 sentences about how unfair it is that women can’t be as confrontational or open about their feelings for the men they love.

Then she admits this isn’t actually Caroline’s problem….as the girl was a little ahead of herself in building castles in the air anyway. 

Projecting much? I love her so. 


7. The West Wing may single-showedly be responsible for my lack of livejournaling. I can’t even tell you how much I dig fake politics. Put me in the middle of a real situation that requires actual knowledge and delicacy, and I’m like an elk being stung by an adder and chased by a tiger in a Steuben showroom……. but when it comes to TV POLITICS I am awesomesauce. 

8. I have a whoooole post to dedicate to the Swedish film adaptation of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but you’ll just have to wait until the company benefit and *fingers crossed* my last grant of the season is submitted next Monday. 

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