Well hello longsuffering amigos

I’m in the process of brushing up on my Spanish via Daily Lit emails of Berlitz language lessons….so expect a lot of linguistic crossover….

Things are so busy lately! But I am determined to talk about something that is interesting and also not related to gym, work or the disastrous state of my bedroom. Hm.

Ooh, tomorrow I have my first training session to be a "Planned Parent Activist"…what I’d really like invest time in is being a clinic escort, but they also have opportunities to get involved in advocacy, political action, fundraising and political action. Should be exciting to bring something I’m passionate about into the rotation of Things I Do Because They Are Good For Me, no? 

I’m also moving forward on the path of Things That Will Make Me A Teacher, about which I’m thrilled.

Having worked in a number of different kinds of offices and employment spaces by now, I’ve learned a lot about my preferred working style. I really like communicating information, working with kids, being in a big room, not being bound to a desk, having some control over my workflow, having varied tasks to switch around to, thinking on my feet…… The closest experiences I’ve had were at a Munchkin Music Camp where I coordinated teen volunteers and got to run the aftercamp care, and at the Build-a-bear workshop – my longest and best retail experience to date. They wanted me to drop out of school and become a manager there, we suited eachother so well. I’ll never know whether it was the tiny bear-sized accessories, the coolness of a stuffing machine, the endlessly looping soundtrack of weird bear songs or, you know, the effervescent joy on a kid’s face when they made their own stuffed animal. I particularly loved the adrenaline rush of a 12 kid birthday party for a seven year old. The instructions, the coordination, the follow-up, the routine….  I dug. I usually went home pretty drained, but it was a good drained.

Everything I’d done on those days was quantifiable. It had purpose. I could list my accomplishments. But there were also great stories, fleeting connections with other humans that I couldn’t have boiled down to statistics but that I still hold onto today. 

I really hope teaching is like that.

But if not….there’s totes a BABW in Manha’en.

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