What’s that? A list of movies and snack foods isn’t quite sufficient?

Fine, let me recap the latest NYC Aged P + MKP Marathon. This was really a double plus bonus marathon because it was extended by an evening – In three full days we saw 3 Broadway shows, a late-nite-dinner-with-bar-band-accompaniment, one dinner-and-cabaret, one late-night movie, one great extended-family dinner out, 2 breakfasts in Park Slope and my first run-in with a cabbie who won’t go to Brooklyn. 

It was a damn good time.

First up, Next to Normal – I’d been wanting to see it forever, especially since 80% of my senior year was spent listening to Alice Ripley on the soundtrack of Sideshow in preparation for a role in the spring musical (that I didn’t get). Even though we saw Ms. Ripley’s understudy, and the WTF alum who created the role of her son had moved on, it didn’t disappoint – great score I can’t stop listening to a week later, compelling portrayal of mental illness and the family members who live with it, witty performances, rock star voices…. loved it. 

Afterwards it was late and neither of us had a chance to eat between the NYU conference on Fixing the Finances of the World in honor of a friend of the Aged Ps and the show, so we swung into that restaurant/bar on the corner of 8th and 44th I always walk by but have never gone into. There was live music, good food, quick service….loved it x2

Friday night the Aged P had booked us seats on the Tyne Daly express – she’s doing an engagement at the Regency, at Feinsteins restaurant, so we had a fantabulous dinner (shrimp cocktail with chipotle cocktail sauce, pumpkin sage ravioli and triple chocolate mousse for moi) and enjoyed the kind of service that makes you feel like either you’re Very Important and everyone who’s not staring is just trying not to embarrass you, or you’re on Park Avenue. Tyne Daly’s show was great – made me feel like I was in another time. The room was small enough that it felt like she could see us (even though the lights in her eyes probably made that impossible), her set list was very interesting, her band banter was charming, her cellist was hawt and her pianist/arranger made some really cool choices about tempo and orchestration on songs by Buddy Holly you never hear slowed down and delivered like a ballad. loved it x3

Seeing as it was only 10:15 when we finished, we very naturally decided to catch a late movie. Because that’s how we roll, that’s why. The Aged P’s wanderings in the freaking bitter cold, like, what is wrong with you take a cab cold, had taken him by the cinema 123 where A Single Man was playing. We were still early, and wondered why it was taking people so long to empty the theater from the last showing – I mean geez, didn’t they get the memo from the Regency that we’re Very Important? The movie was amazing – it’s like they took every actor whose eyes are as expressive as Colin Firth’s and made a movie out of them. Them and Tom Ford clothes and about a solid pound of eye-liner. When the final credits rolled at last I sat speechless, tears rolling down my face and very clearly understood why nobody had lept out of the theater immediately. It’s a movie you want to savor and process – I loved what they did with the color especially. I hope the cinematographer and visual effects people got nominated too. Loved it x4

Then we made our way out onto 3rd avenue in hopes of catching a cab towards the BK, only to find first that the old man I initially thought was homeless was not only not homeless, he was a cab stealer who stole the cab we had rightfully flagged down. The next cab I got to stop asked me my destination before I got in, which I foolishly told him only to get "What? No way. Queens" as he pulled away from the curb. Freaking Upper East Side. This is why the lack of decent, nearby public transportation is a problem. Everyone’s already in all the cabs. Anyway, the third cab stopped and took us over the Brooklyn Bridge and home. 

And now you’ll all have to wait until tomorrow for the conclusion of the action packed expense account because I have to go usher for Smudge, review to follow tomorrow. 

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