A thought as the Olympics approach

The backstage politics are a hotmess, but K-cup and I both love the Olympics and are excited for the 2010 games coming up soon.

I was watching some of the ice skating finals this weekend and I think what I love most about pairs skating is that it looks like what falling in love feels like. Especially the spinning and the hoisting and the zomg am I about to get dropped?

I think I was really disappointed after my first kiss when there was a decided lack of that signature rom-com encircling 360 degree camera movement. Ice-skating is like a logical simulation of that elation.

Being on skates, when you finally get comfortable don’t feel like your ankles are about to crack or you’re about to do a faceplant, feels like it too – you’re flying, you don’t know when or how you’ll stop, but you don’t really care.

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