And a Bechdel New Year

The idea was to find the movies you don’t come out of going “Where the eff were the women?!” or “couldn’t they think of something else to talk about?” and put them into a calendar. It is sad that I didn’t have to work hard to pare this down.

Suggest what I’ve forgotten!

Sidenote: I included a bunch of movies even though they aren’t on the Bechdel roster yet (add to it here) because I thought they fit, or were at least true to the spirit of the thing.

(New Year’s Day): Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
(Grammys) Little Voice
(MLK Jr Day) The Rosa Parks Story, Hairspray

(Valentine’s Day) – The First Wives Club
Black History Month ­Beloved, The Color Purple

(Working Woman’s Day) – Devil Wears Prada
(Girl Scouts Day) – Troop Beverly Hills

 April Pieces of April
National Frog Month – The Princess and the Frog
(Read-a-Map Day) – Off the Map; The Golden Compass
(Spring Cleaning) – Sunshine Cleaning
(Charlotte Bronte’s Birthday) – The Good Jane Eyre
(Recovery Month) Rachel Getting Married

(Graduation) – Ghost World;
(Memorial Day) – G.I. Jane
(Mother’s Day) – Freaky Friday; Mamma Mia; Baby Mama; Precious; Juno
(Teacher’s Appreciation Day) – Happy Go Lucky

June Junebug
(Judy Garland’s Birthday) – Wizard of Oz
(Helen Keller’s Birthday) – The Miracle Worker
(Recovery Month) – Rachel Getting Married

(Summertime) – Dirty Dancing; Now and Then
(Independence Day) –  Empire Records (Damn the man, save the Empire!)

(mid-Monsoon season)– Monsoon Wedding
(Women’s Right To Vote Day) – Mary Poppins; Iron Jawed Angels

(Labor Day) North Country , Norma Rae
(Back to School) –  Fame

(Halloween) – The Witches, Carrie, Hocus Pocus, Coraline
(World Series) – A League of Their Own

(NaNoWriMo) – The Hours
(Thanksgiving) – Julie & Julia
(L M Montgomery’s Birthday) – Anne of Green Gables
(Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Birthday – The Little Princess, The Secret Garden
(GLBT Day of Remembrance) –  Transamerica

(Jane Austen’s Birthday) Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion
(Christmas) – Saved


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2 Responses to And a Bechdel New Year

  1. Anonymous says:

    Before Sunrise
    Bloomsday — June 16

  2. Anonymous says:

    Before Sunrise
    Bloomsday — June 16

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