Coolest thing going on today: The Prop 8 Trial tracker

In case you haven’t heard, a Federal judge agreed to hear the Prop 8 Repeal Appeal, and while the Supreme Court banned the proceedings from Youtube, there’s a liveblogger in the overflow room keeping us posted:

An excerpt:

Ted Olson on civil unions they “Inflict a badge of inequality.”

He goes on to say that Prop. 8 perpetuates discrimination for no good reason. It makes gays and lesbians inferior, lesser so they’ll be discriminated against and suffer irreparable harm.

[UPDATE] 10:14 More from Olson: When voters were encouraged to pass Prop. 8, religious institutions would be closed, gay activists would overwhelm the state and parents were told to “protect our children.” We’ll show that here.

Heterosexuals including substance abusers, convicted criminals are allowed to marry, divorce and remarry.

18000+ married same-sex couples can divorce and not remarry.

Thousands of same-sex couples married in other states are recognized here effective January 1st.

But fourth category is the plaintiffs whom we represent who have none of these rights.

Judge Walker: why shouldn’t courts stay out of this as Mr. Cooper says?

Olson: That’s why we have courts, to protect those who are discriminated against, when their children can’t go to school because of their skin color. We would not need a constitution if we left everything to the political process. We’d just let the majority prevail and that’s a good thing about democracy, but it’s not so good if you are different, new. It causes gays and lesbians unrelenting pain. We have the courts to take our worthy, upstanding citizens who are being hurt to be protected by the courts. That’s why we are here today.”

Now, turning to Terry Stewart for San Francisco.

[UPDATE] 10:16 Judge Walker wants to know the evidence that shows that CA would get $3 billion in economic benefit if we have same sex marriage. Terry Stewart said we’ll show that. And we’ll show that Prop. 8 proponents used scare tactics to show that there is a “culturally triumphant gay movement” that will harm children.

Judge Walker pushes here back to economics. Where is the evidence that denial of marriage economically injustices San Francisco.

Stewart: Hate crimes are caused by this sort of thing and that costs the state.

Judge Walker: What’s link to Prop 8?

Stewart: Prop. 8 reinforced messages that gay relationships are inferior. That message leads to hate crimes. Harms individuals and state economically because it has to prosecute those hate crimes.

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