Starting Christmas Eve off with a merry eye roll

So I’m storming my way down the sidewalk, bundled up in the layers I’ve talked myself into believing are a better idea than a puffy winter coat it might not be cold enough for Down South, lugging my Very Large rolling suitcase and toting my Very Large tote bag, and a guy refusing to step to the right so I didn’t have to run over his feet gave me a once over and a "hey baby."

Apparently he thought that because my headphones were on I couldn’t hear him, because when I reflexively whirled around to say with some hostility "ExCUSE me?" he flinched. "It’s Christmas EVE, JACKASS," I said, as he turned around to point at his watch, either saying "I was trying to ask you what time it was" or "You’re late, do you really want to waste time yelling at me " or "I’m too busy for this." I gave him a dirty look and resumed tugging my suitcase towards the subway entry.

The (only) nice thing about commuting on a holiday is how deserted the trains are, so nobody else gave me any guff on the way to work.

A guy even pitched in to help me get my suitcase up the steep and never ending Columbus Circle subway steps – and he didn’t try to steal it or hit me up for a tip or anything! 

Anyway, I’ll be off on the holiday tour of the MKP Origin Region so the blog may be a little sleepy for the next week or so.

Happy Holidays, everyone, and thanks for reading 🙂

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