2009 in Review

The first sentence of the first entry in every month:

January: I recognize that not every word out of my mouth is an inspirational symphony of prose and rainbows, but people interviewed by the NY Post seem to me to by and large be…less appealing than the av-er-age bear.

February: So yesterday I may have overdone it at the gym a little, and perhaps imbibed in a slice of free Tuesday night gym pizza, and then maybe prepared to walk home in just my gym shorts, t-shirt and leather coat.

March: ZOMG, you guys, baseball is on my TV!!! I’d all but given up hope but here it is, and all my friends are there, and Daniel Murphy is a freaking fox and Ry-Ry (Church) is back on form and everything is seven flavors of awesome.

April: Not only interruptive, annoying, irrelevant and blathering…. But Privileged. And rude. People are such jerks.

May: I believe it is natural to be anxious about a third child being different from your first two children.

June: And I woke up in Brooklyn to light streaming in the windows and NPR soliciting my membership on the radio.

July: Yesterday was my introduction to Coney Island. I prepared provisions (vegetable: an apple, a nectarine and a handful of sugar snap peas, mineral: diet cherry pepsi, animal to be provided by Nathan’s…and hoo boy was it), and in the midst of arguing with myself (neither of us wanted to wear a skirt or jeans) stumbled upon a pair of jeans I hate and voila, DIY jean shorts.

August: My taste runs to either the sublime or the supremely ridiculous. SublimeMadmen (Season 3, coming soon!!); Supremely ridiculous: Hot Robin Hood. Just for example.

September: Tuesday night, K-Cup and I decided to hit up a B&N reading by Wallace Shawn. Even though everything I’ve read of his made me angry, bored or perturbed, I thought only of "Inconceivable!" and agreed to go. And stumbled into a 3Q Revolt that will probably come to be known as The ’09 Event.

According to the Aged P, when I was a toddler my crib was in front of a window, so when I kicked off all my blankets in my sleep I would get all the benefits of an NYC winter drafting in from the glass.

November: So, life has been busy.

December: Of the things I hate and love about my morning commute in the winter, beads of sweat forming in the small of my back when I’m all bundled up for outside and don’t get a seat on a hot train until 34th street is the worst, and now walking by the park with my new UberChristmasPlaylist is among the best. So, basically what I’m saying is, the only thing I like more fervently than I hate those transitory temperature shifts, is this playlist.

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