BTW, in shocking breaking news,

In a dick move that should shock and awe nobody, it’s not enough for the military to say "Uh, we strongly discourage those currently carrying human life from serving on the front lines," they have to say that any soldier who impregnates another or becomes pregnant will be subject to a court-martial and jail time.

Never mind that pregnancy can be anything from a deliberate decision to get out of serving to a simple contraception failure. Never mind that abortion (a way to deal with unwanted pregnancy without "leaving a hole in the formation" or ruining the military career of women who audaciously happen to have reproductive organs that work) is notoriously difficult to get in the military, or that rape is underreported because the military loves to say "boys will be boys and women will be seductive bitches"

Shakesville’s Melissa makes the great point that the only way to penalize the male partner in all this is for the woman to name him – how better to start parenting than by ruining the career of your baby’s dad! 

Court-martial? Seriously? Can we learn nothing from the sex ed crisis in the States? Provide education and contraception (ALL kinds) and chances are, unless you’ve got soldiers who are that desperate to get out of active duty (in which case, do you really want them serving in your unit anyway?), you won’t have any baby showers around the barracks.

This reminds me of an NY case brought by a female police officer who was taken off active duty from her post at the Lincoln tunnel toll plaza when she became pregnant and sued the city for discrimination – If I were expecting a kid, I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near any place where gun violence might be an issue. But that wasn’t why they yanked her over to desk duty – it was because "OMG, the pregnant laydee will be too hormonal to shoot the criminals!" 

I love how the military has absolutely no interest in providing resources for women’s reproductive health until it might get in the way of the Manly Manly war games they’re playing. And then they’re only interested as far as they can penalize women for it.

[ETA: NPR just did a story on this – and attributed a lot of the "Women get pregnant to get out of serving" argument to the types of male officers who don’t think women should be in the military in the first place. That’s EXACTLY how this strikes me. "Fine, we’ll let you in the army if we have to, but if we hear anything about you being particularly womanly, there’s going to be hell to pay

ZOMG, adultery is punishable by the military?! I hate this more than ever.]

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