Fun on the Couch With Me and K-Cup

Me: Are you still sick?
K: I get the sniffles when I’m tired
Me: …It’s probably a brain tumor.
K: Probably. But if so I’ve had it since I was a kid – I’ve had a good run

 * * * * * 

(Via g-chat, while sitting 5 feet away)
K: Can’t talk now. Busy.
M: *cackle* 

* * * * * * 

In other news, Park Slope in fall is lovely. People actually rake their leaves, and the street smell deliciously like the crackling fallen leaf piles that are everywhere. I have determined this shall be the Week of Not Spending Money, and have stockpiled sandwiches so I have no excuse for not taking my lunch and coming home for dinner. Progress report to follow. Had two diet cokes this weekend, but am fessing up and restarting my Caffeine Day Count.

Coming home to No.VA for Halloween – can’t turn down the opportunity to see the fam AND our friend’s 1-year-old munchkin.

PSA TO PEOPLE EVERYWHERE: Sexy does not equal scary. Indicative of promiscuity is also not scary. Please dress up as something that, if it jumped out at you in the dark, you would not mistake it for a porn star. Unless you’re going for a Zombie Porn Star. In which case, carry on.

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