So this is why we have to use a key to get into the bathroom?

I really dislike working in a building where we have to use a key to get into the communal restrooms on the floor. The office only has one key, and getting it makes me feel like I’m a 3rd grader asking for the bathroom pass. Apparently there’s one woman on the floor who feels Very Strongly that the bathroom should be locked, what with the open air emergency staircase being right next to the women’s room, and all. Except for when I have morbid visions of a gunman shooting under the stall door or being locked in there while a zombie prowls the halls, I tend to feel like the 18 steps between the office and the bathroom are safe territory. Now I don’t know if I even feel safe taking the elevator up to my floor.

Apparently yesterday during an upward elevator ride, a man was groped by a man he didn’t know. The security guy watching the cameras downstairs saw it, the suspect got off on my floor, the victim called the cops. I don’t know if they ever found the guy – the police did come around and knock on all our doors to ask if we’d seen someone.

Security in this building is pretty much a joke – the guard (usually a guy, very occasionally a woman) sometimes pushes elevator buttons for us when we come in the outer glass doors, sort of watches the monitors from the security cameras, sort of tells deliveries to go around to the service elevators (where there is no security presence whatsoever) and periodically vanishes from their station. They never ask people to sign in, show ID or ask who they’re here to see.

I overheard this week’s guard joking around with another building worker while we all waited for the elevator. He referred to the incident as two guys "fooling around" in the elevator (even though from his description of the events it was clearly not consensual) and laughed it off.

Nobody calls the police after two people consensually "fool around."

Rape culture is minimizing the implications and severity of sexual harassment.

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