Seriously, y-chromosome custodians, when a girl gets dressed in the morning, she is not thinking "Gee, I hope my choice of pants/shoes/sweater/coat inspires some dumbass yahoo to yell something loud at me in public while I’m minding my own business today!"

If she’s anything like, she’s thinking "Which color is it I can’t wear with brown?!" or "Has it been so long since I wore these boots that the heels will give me backspasms again?" or maybe even something related to what she’s going to do that day, or who her favorite Spice Girl was, or basically anything that is NOT, "I hope some random jackass yells at me today."

This of course had never been communicated to the guy who saw me waiting for the B41 bus to Deepest Darkest Brooklyn and decided to say "HellLO, baby, you’re HOT today." and when I, wearing headphones, apparently didn’t hear him, to stop, say it LOUDER and look around for approval/acknowledgment.

I turned and said "Excuse me?" and when he repeated his idiot self, clearly not reading my Look of Doom correctly, which is to be expected since he couldn’t decipher my "I am Not Thinking About You" face either, I said "That’s very rude, you should mind your own business." 

Look, people, how hard it is to STFU? If a person is not  seeking eye contact, it’s pretty freaking obvious. Next time you’re in a room with people who are forced by necessity to interact with you, see if you can tell whether they are looking at/talking to you. I bet you can. I bet you will soon learn that when someone is looking away, listening to music and already looks mad, they are in fact, not about to speak to you.

By hollering at me on the street, this guy was saying his right to objectify me in public was more important than my right to not be harassed.

I hope the ugly van he got into after grumbling "Geez, relax" at me (NO I WILL NOT YOU ARE THE JACKASS, YOU CHANGE) got a flat tire 5 minutes after he pulled out of the lot.

* * * * * * 

Otherwise, the week’s been pretty awesome. I dig the cold weather (though the freezing rain I could do without – why do I feel like I missed out on the usual Nor’easter newsfrenzy? I wasn’t even reminded to buy bottled water, toilet paper and canned goods. Must be because NPR’s fundraising again.)

Our new roommate is settling in very well – during some cleaning up after her incessant (wonderful) cooking this week she managed to slice into her finger pretty badly and she already knows enough about me and my culinary skills that, when I offered to help her out this weekend, she just covered her mouth with her bandaged hand and laughed at me. So that’s good.

Got to see the Daily Show yesterday, and thanks to now dead-to-me friend Matthew attracted the scrutiny of the warm-up comic. I may have stopped blushing by now, but who can say. If you go online and watch the show you can probably hear me laughing. People may have heard it outside.

After I saw Joel Coen (or was it Ethan?)’s "Almost an Evening" at the 45 Bleecker Street theater I signed up for their mailing list and thusly found out about a Sooper Sekrit underground comedy show by one awesome, marathon-running Eddie Izzard. Only 199 seats in their little theater, and about 72 hours notice for the show, but my theatergoing former Mtastic roommate and I will be in attendance. Which will rock.

Hmmm…other stuff, other stuff…I still owe y’all my Ellis Island tour write-up, a recap of the Toy Story I and II double feature in 3-D I went to last week, met a cool artist this week… Life is damp, caffeine-free (only 3 hallucinations this week!) and good.

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