Morning phenomenon

I am generally not a morninger. I can sleep through alarms, thunderstorms, loud transit….I can and do have entire conversations I have no memory of while sleeping. Sometimes I wake up halfway across my room and have no idea what I was up to. And when I finally do wake up, I’m generally grumpy – you would be too if after a night of not being comfortable, 5 minute before your alarm you found the best position ever and are so comfortable you could Rip Van Winkle it and be perfectly content to miss out on the next 100 years of iTunes upgrades. Most alarms fill me with fury, especially when they insinuate themselves into my dreams and suddenly instead of calling me his darling, Ewan McGregor is saying BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.

That’s why I have the radio come on about 15-20 minutes before I need to actually be conscious. So I resent my alarm less. They tend to live longer.

When I got a new phone, I had to select a new alarm tone. Songs don’t work, out and out ringing noises would send me into a blinding rage…so I picked out something that seemed likely to make me grudgingly seize the day or whatever, and went to sleep.

And woke up actually thinking "Why, that’s adorable." 

And so it is. The name of the ringtone is "hide and seek" or something, and would probably be horribly annoying as an actual ring, but for my alarm? It wakes me up to think of kittens prancing and the sun shining and there probably being pancakes on the table downstairs and isn’t it pleasant to hop in the shower?

This is a miracle phone.

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