If I can just get around your regularly scheduled commute whine for today

(My ipod’s broken and I can never get a seat and I used to always be able to get a seat and it makes my stomach hurt and I can’t do my crossword *whine*)

– There –

Now I can squee over an article the Aged P sent along about a *gasp* lady line judge in college football. Y’all know I hate football, but this is awesome. What’s even cooler is that she got started after she went with her brother to a referee camp and decided "Hey, this is fun, let me learn about football and then go do it." If When they allow female refs into the NFL she’ll probably be the first one. AND she did it while preggers and baby-raising.

Sarah Thomas, you rock.

Setting aside my frustration that nobody pays attention to women’s sports, and the lack of variety in the types of women who land sports anchor gigs, this is terrific. There is no reason besides "Oh, it’s never been done" that women can’t participate in the judging and officiating of men’s leagues. Nobody ever kept male referees from policing women’s sports. I got into an online tussle recently with a (n I guess) well meaning but underinformed guy who took offense to (among other things) Susan B. Anthony’s quote – "Men’s rights and no more, women’s rights and no less."

..It doesn’t mean anyone wants to take away men’s rights, except as they infringe upon the rights of women. Would any assertive alpha male type sports wingnut actually look a woman in the face and say "No, you can’t be an umpire/ref/line judge because then you’d take away a man’s right to do it." And does anyone really think it will be possible for women to claim their full spectrum of rights without men stepping back a little? (I pointed him eventually to  XY Online where non-wimminz-hating men can explore activism without feeling ZOMG threatened by feminist anger)

Sarah Thomas isn’t a line judge because someone wanted a female line judge on their roster. She’s a line judge because she learned how to do it and got good enough to win the job over everyone else who applied.

My favorite part of the article (not least because there’s a typo):

She has apparently has inspired other women to reach for their whistles. This weekend, the Southwestern Athletic Conference’s first female football official will work a game. The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference has three women among its officiating crews.

Now if someone can just point me to the nearest umpire camp so I can get my real career started….

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